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Due to the Corona situation, the meetings and the associated exchange at the various festivals in Switzerland and abroad do not take place. Nevertheless, and precisely for this reason, we consider it important to stimulate reflection, to lead discourse and to promote networking among music culture professionals. That is why we invite 1-2 people from the music industry every week to have a "phonecall" with us and to reflect, analyse and think together - in a future-oriented discourse.


On this blog you can read diary entries of our "telephone conversations". These are intended to contribute to the flow of information even in these difficult times and to find out what is currently happening in the various sectors of the music industry in Switzerland. They are personal experiences from our everyday life. The goal is mutual inspiration and motivation.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

Project team: Yvonne Meyer (Helvetiarockt), Laurence Desarzens (Beam Network), Jennifer Jans (SAY HI!)

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