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«TransHelvetiQ» Residencies

A cooperation between various Swiss institutions, such as FCMA, Other Music Luzern, RFV Basel, Südpol Luzern, Kaserne Basel, Amalgame Yverdon, La Case à Chocs and SAY HI!

The goal: we make the Röstigraben inexistent and strengthen the exchange between the language regions.

The idea: A band or act from the swiss german part of Switzerland goes and works in a venue in the french speaking part and vice versa. We connect them with professionals and the local scene, organize coaches for them to work with and help them broaden their networks. At the end of each residency there is a show where they can present what they have been working on.

Upcoming residencies:

Showcase on June 2, 19H

Showcase on June 8 in cooperation with Mitten In Der Woche,20H30

Showcase on June 9th, 12H

Past residencies (pilot phase):

February 2021

Giulia Dabalà and La colère @ Kaserne Basel in cooperation with RFV Basel

April 2022

Baron.e @ Südpol, Luzern in cooperation with Other Music Luzern


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